Billy Corgan Vs. Pavement: The Ultimate Smackdown

    As fellow Prefix writer Mike Burr reported, Billy Corgan ain’t too keen on sharing the stage with those Pavement guys. In fact, the Smashing Pumpkins main man goes so far as to call them “the death of the alternative dream,” while Smashing Pumpkins is a force of light and life.


    Well, it’s about time Corgan puts his money where his mouth is — and the ’90s alterna-battle will be available online for your streaming pleasure. Even if you can’t physically be at Planeta Terra, the Brazilian festival hosting both bands, you can live stream the entire concert tomorrow, Nov. 20, at


    The show begins at 1 p.m., with performances by Passion Pit, Mika, Girl Talk, Phoenix, and Of Montreal leading up to the real drama.


    The Planeta Terra schedule in full:


    Sonora Main Stage

    1:00 p.m.: Mombojó

    2:30 p.m.: Novos Paulistas

    4:00 p.m.: Of Montreal

    5:30 p.m.: Mika

    7:00 p.m.: Phoenix

    8:30 p.m.: Pavement

    10:30 p.m.: Smashing Pumpkins


    Gillette Hands Up \o/ Indie Stage

    1:00 p.m.: República

    2:00 p.m.: Hurtmold

    3:30 p.m.: Holger

    5:00 p.m.: Yeasayer

    6:30 p.m.: Passion Pit

    8:00 p.m.: Hot Chip

    9:40 p.m.: Empire of the Sun

    11:00 p.m.: Girl Talk


    Whichever side you’re on, we certainly hope no one’s ego gets too bruised.