Billy Corgan Sounds off on Life and the Smashing Pumpkins

    Billy Corgan posted a lengthy statement of purpose to the Smashing Pumkins website yesterday. The “manifesto,” so to speak, addresses his plans to continue under the SP name following drummer Jimmy Chamberlin’s official departure, as well as dangling threads about public life, artistic commitment, and the music industry. He makes several references to God with a capital “G.”


    The whole piece is worth a look, but here’s the bit about early-‘90s idol worship to things going:


    “Many of the old indie-world values that people throw about without context were BS back in the day, and I said so back then too. I am no poster boy for alt-nation because alt-nation found its heroes elsewhere. You can have those heroes now. I am my own man from this day forward. The day SP gets proper credit for what it got right is the day that this can be a different conversation about what I may or may not be entitled to. The funny thing about being left out in the cold is you get used to the temperature.”


    Corgan has gotten a lot of press lately, and it seems like he realizes the power of self-exhibition in the digital age: He showed up to the “A-List” awards alongside Tila Tequila, and explained his egocentrism on a recent episode of the Chris Isaak Hour. And he’s insightful enough that he doesn’t come across as a train wreck. It’s just disappointing that his blog posts are probably as interesting as his music at this point.


    Also, Kurt Cobain rules. [Chicago Sun-Times]