Billy Corgan Says He Wants To Write Songs For Broadway


    In terms of crossover alt-rock superstars alienating their fans in increasingly bizarre endeavors that could be read as mean-spirited real-life trolling by the objective, you can’t really beat Billy Corgan. Well, actually, you can, Weezer is still a band.


    Honestly this latest news barely registers a blip on our Corgan ego-meter. I mean, we’re talking about the guy who charged money to let his fans watch him tinker in the studio. Dude wants to write songs for Broadway, but not just Smashing Pumpkins songs. In an interview with The New York Post, he said “I want to be a better songwriter before I try Broadway and I wouldn’t allow one of my old songs [to be used]. If I do Broadway, I’m not coming to write three-chord rock songs.”


     Straight up, I’d rather see a Smashing Pumpkins-oriented musical than that American Idiot thing.


     Corgan was also hilariously questioned about his upstart indie pro-wrestling company Resistance Pro which apparently had its first show in Chicago last month. He blustered “it’s a serious endeavor. I want this to succeed strictly on its ideas. If I had to artificially prime the audience because of my musical life that’s sad. This is going to succeed on its own ideas, not because I jumped the shark.” I’m sure there’s more to it than like, Backyard Wrestling, but it really makes it difficult to take anything anyone says seriously in the context of “indie pro wrestling.”


    Oh, and there’s apparently a new Pumpkins album called Oceania coming next year. Keep your ears up. [NME]