Billy Corgan Is Serious Enough About Jessica Simpson To Snipe At Courtney Love and John Mayer

    When the story broke that Billy Corgan had been spending some quality time with Jessica Simpson, the knee-jerk reaction was that this was some sort of bizarre media concotion. If school yard rules still apply, though, the lone Smashing Pumpkin might just have a crush of epic proportions. In recent interviews, Corgan has taken the time to distance himself from Courtney Love, saying that he “had no interest in supporting her” and “you can’t throw enough things down the abyss with a person like that.” Merely dissing one’s former GFF doesn’t prove interest, but when combined with giving pity points to Simpson ex John Mayer, it is no small affair. Few things signal more interest in a woman’s affections than saying that the cad who broke her heart is “literally burning his career to the ground.” For those who would say that Corgan should be going after Tony Romo, it’s simple why he hasn’t: rock musicians are unaware the NFL exists until they turn sixty and are invited to play the Super Bowl. While it’s still too early to make predictions, I’m hoping beyond hope for another season of Newlyweds. [The Daily Swarm]