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Billy Corgan is Recording with Jessica Simpson

Here’s the news no one has been waiting for: Billy Corgan has gone into the studio to record with his new girlfriend, Jessica Simpson. The Smashing Pumpkins singer has been indulging in some unusual activities lately, but this is likely to be the one that finally has even the hardiest of fans doubting his sanity.


“I am blessed,” wrote Simpson on Twitter. “He braids my prayers.” What does that mean? Only Corgan and Simpson know, as they head off into la-la land together, with producer Kerry Brown at the controls, and photographer Kristin Burns snapping the unholy alliance for posterity.


It’s not clear how and when these recordings will emerge, but Brown has been producing Corgan’s epic Teargarden By Kaleidyscope sessions, so it’s possible they will emerge as part of that. “Passion is my greatest weapon, commitment my greatest shield against adversity," Corgan pompously tweeted. That dim and distant sound you can hear is the noise of Smashing Pumpkins fans heading to the hills and howling in anguish.


[via The Guardian]

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HAhahahahahha, "he braids my prayers"... this is the worst idea since Chris Cornell and Timbaland went into the studio together...


You know, SP haven't done anything great since they were, uhm, SP. But they owned the 90s, right? So I'm inclined to give Billy the benefit of the doubt. Even when doubt includes Jessica Simpson. (Geez, I must be in a generous mood this morn!)

/site_media/uploads/images/users/oceanRain/DiS profile pic.jpg oceanRain

If you haven't learned to trust Billy by now....shame on you. Frankly, I think Zeitgeist deserved the 4/5 stars. You've gotta believe in the man --- and, if you're a true you know anyone deeper than Billy? I'm happy Jessica is thinking on that deeper level now. There's no way the dimensions of her imagination don't expand with this guy. D'arcy wasn't anything until Billy led her.

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