Billy Corgan brings fan onstage to yell at him (Video)


    The Smashing Pumpkins have been taking their lumps from fans and blogs alike for their decision to do some pretty turgid set lists on their “reunion” tour lately, and apparently the criticism has been getting to Billy Corgan. At a show in NYC last week, he invited a fan onstage to talk about the first night’s show and when the fan said “Last night’s show fucking sucked,” Corgan sort of lost it: he asked angrily if the fan wanted his money back, and told him to leave. Then, after the fan was out of punching distance, Corgan unleashed this gem: “By the way, I liked your song. It was a hit in Europe. It’s called ‘Take Your Dick Out Of My Ass And Stick It In My Mouth.’”


    I’ve condensed that last part a bit, because Corgan took a while to spit the whole insult out (someone get this guy to shit-talking school stat!). Video of the awkward debacle is above. The tour continues tonight in D.C. [Stereogum]