Billy Bragg Target Of Right Wing Hate Mail Campaign To Kick Him Out Of His Home

    Anti-folk hero Billy Bragg’s unabashed liberal politics and left-wing activism have probably earned him lots of enemies over the years. Now, he says, a far right group is attempting to oust him from his home via a hate mail campaign. The UK’s Daily Mirror reports that Bragg’s neighbors in the village of Burton Bradstock (in the County of Dorset, in South West England) have received anonymous letters asking them to “stand up for the British and kick this traitor out of your village and out of Dorset forever.” Bragg contends the letters are the work of the British National Party (BNP), a far right group sprung from the National Front whose self-described, primary raison d’etre is to get “immigrants and their descendants to return home.” The singer has urged his neighbors to throw the letters away, and in an interview with the Mirror said, “It is the powerless ranting of a bitter individual angry that, even in a sleepy village, people reject the politics of racism.”


    For good measure, Bragg added, “I will campaign against racism wherever I find it.” Good for you, Billy Bragg. [NME]