Billy Bragg hails Barack Obama’s election

    What impact (if any) will Barack Obama’s election have on rock & roll? Famed protest singer Billy Bragg has been talking to NME about Obama’s election, which occurred while he was on a rare tour of the United States. Bragg spent much of the ’80s voicing his support for the Labour Party in England, and he even helped to form a pressure group of sorts, named Red Wedge.


    Regarding Obama’s election, he quipped: "I’ve never seen young people so charged up, so engaged. I thought it might be to do with the release of High School Musical 3, but actually it turned out to be more about Obama." Bragg echoed sentiments spread across the world when he talked of the U.S. president’s far-reaching power. "When they elect a president they elect a president for all of us," he said. "[Obama’s victory is] good for America, it’s good for the world, and it’s good for rock ‘n’ roll." [NME]