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Bill O'Reilly Says Snoop Dogg Should Be Deported (Video)


Eventually, people (like myself) will stop paying attention to all of the trivial soundbites that shoot out of Bill O'Reilly's indignant, self-righteous mouth, and the man will descend quietly into that dark place, where the voices of once-mighty demagogues dither away into tinny whispers, not capable of raising a speck of dust or scaring the meekest mouse. Until then, here's this video of BIll O'Reilly suggesting that President Obama should have Snoop Dogg deported for some equally trivial mess that Snoop said when he was high.


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Snoop Dogg

couldn't understand a word snoop said. Still, it's not like i give a crap, Snoop Dog is not just a loud mouth wannabe gangsta, he is actually a dangerous criminal, people have died because of that prick and it's still appalling to me how the music community stands by him so much... Between him and O'Reilly, i would deport both.

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