Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller vs. Jay-Z and Young Jeezy (Video)


    Last night on Bill O’Reilly’s program he and fellow tool Dennis Miller took some time to talk about Young Jeezy and Jay-Z’s performance of "My President Is Black" on Monday, which O’Reilly says offended some people, and by some people he means his Count Chocula self. He and Miller try to act like what Jeezy and Jay-Z said (mostly stuff about being happy about Bush leaving) was incredibly offensive, but it just makes the two of them seem ghoulish and out of touch. They both also try to act like they’re happy that Obama is president, which is obviously not true (especially since that prior to November 4, Obama was pretty much a terrorist in both of their minds), and pandering towards most of the country who actually is happy to see Obama in the White House. [NahRight]



    Young Jeezy: "My President Is Black" ft. Jay-Z (Remix with O’Reilly diss) (MP3)