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Bill Maher Interviews M.I.A. About Sri Lanka (Video)


M.I.A was on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday to talk about the Civil War in Sri Lanka. Maher opens with a light-hearted joke about Maya being the Octo-Mom on the Grammys, but mostly the interview is serious, as M.I.A. talks intelligently about the conflict. Maher gets kind of annoying during the interview, because he insists that Maya further explain the situation because he's sure his audience won't understand where Sri Lanka is, and the reasons for the conflict. It's kind of weird to see her on a show like Real Time, but it allows her to articulate her feelings on the Tamil Tigers and Sri Lanka in a way she hasn't really been able to yet. [Stereogum]

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This may seem as a rude awakening for MIA. Granted that I am a Sri lankan born, grew up there all my life and someday my dead body being buried in the island I was born on, I have several Tamil friends that have had no issues. I only grieve for the many Tamil friends I have lost in my life that absolutely no one can ever take that pain away from me!!! History never lies, and hence the LTTE should never have fought a war that never belong to them in the 1st place. Privilege that MIA bears to voice her so called opinion which is full of sh** and bias are good for the ignorant man. Here's my opinion both the LTTE and Sri lankan government need to stop the lies and do what's best for THE PEOPLE and not themselves!!!!!

Colombo born

Not to defend the oppresive Sri lankan government, but MIA was staight up spreading propaganda and lies that are just as destructive to the chances of there ever being a peacefull Ceylon as the lies of it's currupt government.

Opened ears

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