Bikini Kill Start Their Own Record Label

    What happens when one of the most legendary riot grrrl bands of all time starts their own record label? You get Bikini Kill Records, the newest endeavor from the women who brought you “Rebel Girl” and “Suck My Left One.” First up is a re-release of Bikini Kill’s 1991 self-titled EP, which will commemorate the band’s 25th anniversary. (Whoa.) Then they’ll go through their back catalog and release hard-to-find recordings and items on CD and vinyl, including zines, live recordings, unreleased songs, and their original demo tape. You can still buy all of Bikini Kill’s catalog in digital form (as well as albums from The Casual Dots and The Frumpies), but sit tight and wait for those releases — we bet they’ll be insane. Check out the Bikini Kill Records website here.