“Bike Hero” either the greatest fan video ever made, or a clever marketing ploy (Video)


    If you spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer each day, chances are you’ve gotten this video forwarded to you: It’s called “Bike Hero” and it features a kid riding a bike that has a Guitar Hero controller on the front of it as he rides around his neighborhood with all the notes for a song on drawn on the ground.


    Now, this brings the question of whether or not this just a clever marketing trick (making a YouTube video and making it seem like a fan posted it), or if it’s the greatest YouTube fan video of all time (the amount of planning that would have to go into this if it’s really by a fan would be immense, i.e. making sure no one erases the buttons on the ground, turning your bike into a controller, etc.).


    After watching it a few times, I’m inclined to believe this is a marketing ploy—for one, the guy who posted it has only posted one video (this one), and supposedly just flips burgers for a living (which would be the cliché job a marketing person would pick for a 18-year-old). Plus, the buttons on the ground seem a bit too perfect—I expected to see some imperfections as the song went further on, but they all look perfect. What do you guys think?


    Either way, this video has succeeded in its purpose: It got us thinking about Guitar Hero. [Wired]