BIGBANG K-Pop Frontman G-Dragon Releases New Single “MichiGO” (Stream)

    The eccentric frontman to one of K-pop’s biggest boy groups BIGBANG, G-Dragon is setting out on a solo tour. The tour will be hitting up And in preparation for it, he’s released a new single titled “MichiGO.” Since he’s gone solo again, we’ve gotten a taste with his singles “One of A Kind” and “Crayon.” Both carried bombastic wild beats.

    The new single follows suit with its aggressive dubstep-like production and rap style. It’s not as sugar coated as the recent pop songs that BIGBANG has been releasing, or the previous solo work by G-Dragon. Fans will also be delighted as he will be opening up for PSY on April 13, 2013 in Seoul where he will be performing the song. 

    The track can be downnloaded for free from LINE. Listen to the brand new track below: