Big Boi Talks About OutKast, Solo Videos


    While you were letting that new Big Boi joint marinate, Rolling Out asked Daddy Fat Stacks to talk about some of his and OutKast’s videos. Which gives us an excuse to post up an old OutKast video.

    The title “Big Boi Breaks Down OutKast’s Top Videos of All Time” is a bit misleading because the post says the site asked the rapper “to break down the videos for ‘Players Ball,’ ‘Elevator,’ ‘B.O.B’ and ‘Shutterbugg.'” In any case, this one is for the fans, especially those that enjoy reading about how hot and humid it was during most of the shoots.


    Oh, and I did the double-take, too, about the “Elevators (Me & You)” director credit; that was Michael Martin, not Michael Mann that directed the joint.


    The chatter about “Shutterbugg” reveals a bit about the director Chris Robinson’s initial thoughts: “When I first read the treatment, Chris was like, ‘I like the way you killing the song. It’s like a machine and seems as if you’re not even real. It’s just straight lyrics.’ So, we painted a bigger picture of what the song really feels like.” If that means muppet-type puppets, then I’m on board.