Big Boi Speaks On Modest Mouse Collaboration

    Without a doubt, one of the crazier stories to break last week was the news of Big Boi’s collaboration with Modest Mouse. But the thing is, all we knew at the time was that the ATLien was indeed working with the Portland rockers. Thankfully, Big Boi shed some light on their work together, a move that both explains just what they’re doing and quells any nervous fans of either act.


    As he told MTV, the rapper-producer hasn’t spit a single bar on the tracks they have recorded thus far. Right now, he said, they’re just marinating on everything they have recorded. But should he and the band feel moved to include some bars from Daddy Fat Sax, it’ll happen:

    “If there needs to be some rapping on there, I will destroy it,” Big Boi said.

    Additionally, Modest Mouse producer Chris Carmouche gave a description of the music using terms like “enchanted and enlightened,” “hard-core,” and “kind of funky” to describe each respective track.


    There is no word on when we’ll get to hear all that they have recorded, but please guys, make it soon.