Big Boi, Michael Bublé Discuss Their Grammy Moments

    Winning a Grammy may be one of the greatest days a musician, songwriter or producer can recall. Although the prestigious awards’ reputation has taken a hit as of late, the award show is still considered the equivalent of the Super Bowl. Big Boi, from the group Outkast and pop singer Michael Bublé discussed with what it was like to win the high-status award.

    Check out what the two artists said below;


    Big Boi: “[Andre 3000] and I were in L.A. with 30 members of our extended families, who also attended the awards. We had the hotel on lockdown with so many rooms on different floors. It was like a family reunion. This was a special moment because the Grammy is one of the most prestigious prizes in music. Winning Album of the Year [for OutKast’s “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below”] was the equivalent of winning a Super Bowl ring. To be the best album of all the genres is the highest honor in music and is one of the highlights of my career.”



    Michael Bublé: “I was drunk at home by myself. I was nervous. I didn’t want to get caught up in it because I had lost before. I’d been on tour, working for a while, and I needed to be at home. I opened a bottle of wine and I heard them say my name. The first person I called was my mom and she screams, ‘Oh, my God. You won.’ It’s one of those moments you definitely never forget. Winning is something that, no matter what happens through the inevitable ups and downs in this business, I will always be known as a GRAMMY winner. That’s completely surreal; as I’m sure it is for everyone that wins. I’ve won three times and the story is the same each time. Once I found out I won in a hotel lobby. Another time I was on a train in Germany. This year I think I’ll show up.”