Big Boi Caught Spreading Beyonce’s “Party” Last Year

    Of course this news would spread just a few hours after we saw Chairlift and Das Racist’s Kool A.D. cover Beyonce’s “Party,” but it’s been revealed that the spread of the song’s leak last year was aided by none other than Big Boi. According to Spin, some pretty heavy (read: nerdy) investigating went into figuring out just who leaked and spread the 4 single last June. And after looking through the ever-present online cache and basically acting as cyber-police, they found that the OutKast spitter retweeted Rap-Up’s post to the leak: “RT @RapUp: New Music: Beyonce f/ Andre 3000.” So does this mean Big Boi’s going to get into any trouble? Probably…not. But it’s still kinda funny. [Spin]