Watch Big Boi’s ‘The Crown Life’ Documentary

    While Three Stacks is stashed away in relative seclusion, Big Boi’s out strong doing his Sir Lucious Left Foot/Daddy Fat Sax grind. And to showcase the business he’s been up to as of late, he decided to let loose a documentary titled The Crown Life under the endorsement of, guess who, Crown Royal. The film chronicles his ATLien odyssey throughout Europe.

    Being that he’s been an “international playa” since he was a child, Big approaches the venture as another “notch on the belt,” dropping off the ATL at the mud-coated Glastonbury Festival, undergoing the tragic loss of his baggage in Norway, demonstrating his extensive rain boot testing process, providing lessons on personal philosophy and the interworkings of the universe, etcetera, etcetera–all of the things you’d expect from a Big Boi tour (especially the $50K shopping spree at La Familia). That should be enough of a synopsis for any Outkast-head.

    We’re slated to see Big’s sophomore album Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusader later this year, as well as a new Outkast project (pipe-dream in motion), so keep an eye out for release dates and check out The Crown Life below.