Big Boi Confirms New Album

    Following some speculation from Queen Latifah and producer Mr. DJ, an interview with Big Boi has finally confirmed what many have thought: Big Boi will be releasing a new album. In a new interview with Revolt TV, the Outkast member confirmed an upcoming solo album.

    While no word is confirmed on Andre 3000’s solo album or an Outkast album, a new album for Big Boi would make it his third solo record release. “We’ve got a couple new jams we’ve recorded in the studio recently,” said Big Boi to Revolt. “So, you know, watch out for that new Big Boi solo record coming soon.” 

    What about Killer Mike? There are a couple festival spots on Outkast’s tour that feature longtime friend and collaborator Killer Mike in Run the Jewels. Could there be a possible surprise performance on “The Whole World”: “Anything is possible,” says Big Boi. 

    Watch the interview below: