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Beyonce's Voice Could Summon Dogs (Audio)


There's a new minor Internet meme that reveals how bad some singers are when they perform live. On the Howard Stern show recently, Howard and company played the soundboard feed from Beyonce's performance of "If I Were a Boy" on the Today Show in November, and the results were pretty shocking: Beyonce shrieks high-pitched screams throughout most of the performance, which only highlights that the live performances you see on TV are often bogus. The video of Beyonce's shrieking is above, and the version that was heard on the Today show is below. Quite the difference.  [Idolator]




Tape of Beyonce on Today Show is a Hoax

Beyonce Hoaxster Reveals in YouTube Video Why He Altered Her Voice (Video)


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this seems pretty fake

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It is fake.


You should post an update. Beyonce can sing. This was altered.


We posted updates but I'll add the links directly to this post

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