Beyonce Hoaxster Reveals in YouTube Video Why He Altered Her Voice (Video)


    Aladdin82, aka Matthew Zeghibe, has released a YouTube video explaining why he altered Beyonce’s voice on the now infamous Today show clip. It turns out dude wasn’t just trying to trick everyone; he did it because he wanted to show off the fact that people use Auto-Tuner to make superstars seem like better singers than they are. Dude apparently finds it annoying that software is used to manipulate people’s voices, which, for those of you keeping score at home, is roughly 35 years (lest we forget peter Frampton’s talk box) past when such arguments could have been taken seriously. I wouldn’t recommend watching the entire clip, since Aladdin82 spends too much time self-promoting, but if you’re interested in how he pulled it off, fast forward to the 6:45 mark. [Idolator]