Beyonce Highest Money Maker of Celebs Under 30

    With the plethora of tween favorites that seem to crop up every week, you might think the biggest money maker under age 30 last year was the Jonas Brothers…or Miley Cyrus…or Demi Lovato…or Selena Gomez (and just like that, I’ve fully exhausted my knowledge bank of tween stars). But a quick tally of the numbers shows it’s Beyonce who brought home the biggest paycheck, and it wasn’t even close. Forbes magazine lists the singer’s earnings last year as $87 million — nearly double those of her nearest competitor, Kimi Raikkonen. The 27-year-old far outpaced other under-30 celebs, including LeBron James and Britney Spears, who “only” made $40 and $35 million over the last year, respectively. The top five earners are as follows:


    1. Beyonce – $87 million

    2. Kimi Raikkonen – $45 million
    3. LeBron James – $40 million

    4. Britney Spears – $35 million
    5. Roger Federer – $33 million

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