BET Bans Killer Mike’s “Burn” Video?

    It seems that Killer Mike could be the latest artist to have his video banned by the folks at BET. At least, that’s what his Twitter feed would lead you to believe. He has taken to his Twitter account to let everyone know that the network has apparently declared the “Burn” video to be too controversial to air.


    In Mike’s words:

    I speak about national unemployment (Black unemployment is double) and big banks abusing YOU and I get #Banned by #Bet. #BURN


    I am a advocate on the behalf of Oscar Grant and every down trotten American. #BURN #BANNEDonBET


    I speak against religion abusing the people God Loves. #BURN #BANNEDonBET

    I mean, dude does have a pretty valid point. He’s not especially negative or aggressive in the track or its video. The footage isn’t even that controversial and, if you actually listen to it, “Burn” promotes non-violent protest. You can watch the video below. Mike’s latest album, PL3DGE, is out now.