Benson Henderson Defends Jon Jones’ Decision To Not Fight Chael Sonnen

    Jon “Bones” Jones was widely criticized by MMA fans and fellow fighters for his decision to not fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 151 on Sept. 1, but at least two standout combatants used their own personal Twitter accounts to come to the champ’s defense.

    Bellator FC contender Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal (@KingMoFH) tweeted “@JohnnyBones is smart..its a business.  Dont knock him for his decision.  Yall aint in his shoes!!! U dont see it in big boxing events.”

    Lawal doesn’t have to deal with backlash from Zuffa brass, but Benson Henderson might be getting an earful from Dana White and company after his pro-Jones tweet on Aug. 23. 

    Henderson (@bensonhenderson) tweeted “For all the people who don’t understand the sport of MMA (@ufc)…ask an NFL team to play the Superbowl vs a not worthy opponent…”

    Henderson and “King Mo” were just about the only fighters who came out with full support of Jones’ decision to not put his title on the line against Sonnen on Sept. 1, as dozens of MMA standouts ripped into him via Twitter.

    Among the most heartbreaking was Jeff Houglands’, as he tweeted “@johnnybones Can I at least get one of your new Nike T-shirts?  I’ll give it to my kid since I won’t have any money for her school clothes.”