“Bend Ya” Featuring Frank Ocean & Kendrick Lamar Is Probably Fake

    A new song called “Bend Ya” has hit the web, featuring men-of-the-moment Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar. But tap the breaks before you get too excited: it seems like the song is a fake.

    That’s according to Lozza Music, which has done some digging into the song. The recording quality varies from verse to verse, with Lamar’s turn sounding especially out of place. It could just be a rough mix, but as Lozza points out, there’s a random rapper at the very end that’s just too odd to make sense of.

    Also, it seems there are a bunch of different versions of the song that all sound identical, but feature different combinations of artists. There’s one with a guy named Shawn Chrystopher featuring Mann and Ocean (and not Lamar), and then there’s one that’s actually credited to Mann (and released by a label) that features Chrystopher and Jah-Free. Neither Ocean or Lamar show up on this latter version, but all the artists in question curiously sound like one another. It’s hard to tell, but it seems like this “new” song is either a fake or the mistake of an overeager blogger. Take a listen to all three versions below.

    UPDATE: Kendrick Lamar himself has taken to Twitter to air his thoughts on the track. Here’s what he had to say:

    Looks like it’s the real deal. Take a listen below, and commence getting excited!