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Ben Weasel Punches Two Women, And Other Stories Of SxSW Mayhem

Fun facts you may be surprised to learn about SxSW 2011:


1) There were bands who played that are not named Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or any acronym or variant therein.

2) Some of those bands also had shady stuff happen during their sets.


The SxSW “incident” getting the (second) most attention in the blogosphere centers on Ben Weasel, lead singer of punk-pop notables Screeching Weasel, who allegedly -- if things can still qualify as “alleged” when you can see them unfold before your very own eyes by watching them on video, right here -- punched not one, but TWO women at the band’s Friday night show at the Scoot Inn & Bier Garten. The story goes that a woman near the front threw an ice cube at Weasel, who responded totally appropriately by then punching her in the face, because it is completely rare and unexpected for things to be thrown at punk shows. Later, a woman from the venue attempts to break up the altercation, only to have Weasel then being punching her, too. Security ultimately intervened and dragged Weasel away.



Digital Music News also reports that four concertgoers at the OMD show were injured after camera equipment fell on them, and that several Strokes show attendees were hurt after attempting to climb a fence surrounding the venue. Tough festival.


Weasel, by the way, ultimately issued this lengthy apology -- which neglects to mention the sex of the those he punched -- via his website yesterday:


I want to apologize to both the club owner and audience member involved for my actions during our show at SXSW on Friday night. While their actions were outside of my control, my regretful reaction is wholly my responsibility. Whatever my feelings are about fans crossing the line like that, I wish I could have that moment back and deal with it in the same spirit as I did the preceding 60 minutes. Since I can’t, an apology is all I’ve got and I sincerely hope those people will accept it. Up front, I wish to say that I am sorry to the fan and any others who were involved. As a husband, father, and a musician on the public stage, I understand that it is my duty to always take responsibility for my actions in a socially acceptable way, and most especially in the face of confrontation.

I want to apologize to the San Antonio fans, also, for having to cancel that show. I hope we can make it up down the road. I’ve obviously already talked to my band about it but I also want to publicly apologize for putting them in a bad position, as well as my manager, booking agent, label, and the support bands. My actions were unprofessional and unfair to the people I work with.


[The L Magazine, Digital Music News]

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sorry but what has the sex of the person he hit got to do with it? maybe he did not mention it because it's irrelevant, unless you believe that women in 2011 deserve to be treated or viewed differently to men?

also you do not actually see him hit anyone in the face so you may want to retract that statement. there was also no mention in your article that he had a cup of beer thrown at him by the person, he was then hit on the head with an ice cube by the same person and then spat on by the same person. none of these actions are an excuse for his despicable behaviour of attacking someone but maybe if the security had done their job and ejected the person it would have prevented his extremely stupid reaction


You don't throw a beer or an ice cube or both at a person without expecting to get knocked out. I agree with Brian, as a 21st century woman I expect to get it as good as I give it, and I'm smart enough to never let words escalate to actions. He did pop that one chick in the expensively ripped shirt pretty damn good though.


last i checked it's far worse for a man to attack a woman and most people think it's pretty cowardly

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

watch at :03 more closely, pretty sure he tags her in the face

Robby Stefanisko

It's not alright to bully and taunt acts on stage. Fans don't pay money to see derelict assh*les try to upstage the band. Fans don't pay to have people dump beer on them. If you want to cross the line and you want to try and look like a big shot to your drunk hipster friends expect to be put in your place accordingly.


"You don't throw a beer or an ice cube or both at a person without expecting to get knocked out."

1) Uh...yes, you do! It's called going to a punk show. YouTube some videos of punk shows if you're unfamiliar with the traditional ethos.
2) I'm pretty sure getting a glass of liquid thrown at you, or an ice cube even, isn't anything like getting "knocked out," so perhaps the value exchange you've determined should be reassessed.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Kali/Jumble 030_2.jpg Kali

I've been at punk shows where members of the band have done the beer-hurling themselves, and considering Screeching Weasel's been around for 20+ years, I imagine Ben's gotten a lot worse than an ice cube thrown at his face.

Ben pretty clearly clocks the first girl in the face. It's wrong, bar none. Of course no one pays for a gig to see the idiots in the crowd, but Ben's reaction is far more extreme than it needed to be and says more about him than it does about one brazen fan (of many, I'm sure). She didn't "have it coming."

/site_media/uploads/images/users/exiteverything/1515e181e4ebd0c3e001f3adba736deejpeg.jpeg Hilary Beck

Hey Kali.. where in Heights? Remsen and Hicks here..

Heard about the passing of the homeless guy (hunchback looking fellow) who'd hang out at that bodega on Atlantic and Henry?

Fee Laaa

Technically,in the eyes of the law,spitting at a person is considered assault.....You could theoretically spread serious illness,disease,and germs that those girls looked pretty skanky....heh....I mean go spit on a cop and see how THEY would react...Mrs. Anarchist....heh....This is nothing compared to a GG Allin,Eyehategod or A.C. show by the way....


Wow Kali, so far this is the sh*ttiest written account of what happened that I have seen, it's full of your personal opinion and lacking most of the actual facts. It wasn't "an" ice cube there were a few, she was asked to stop repeatedly and she spit her beer and ice in his face right before he punched her. I love that you also chose the :44 second video as opposed to the longer version which explains the situation a little better. Thank god you have this job because you won't ever be an actual journalist. Even with the facts people will still believe Ben was in the wrong, but at least don't play Chinese telephone here, leaving out what you feel and adding what you want to spin it the way that best suits your opinion. You're a joke.You're whole "article" belongs in the comment section.


Wait. The sarcasm of the "it is completely rare and unexpected for things to be thrown at punk shows" should have in the same sentence "it is completely rare to have someone getting punched at a punk show." When the hell did punk become synonomous with words like even tempered, well behaved, or safe. Jesus, in the 80's someone would have left with blood on their shirt (sometimes the band member!)

John G

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