Ben Stiller Says Lady Gaga Will Not Be In ‘Zoolander 2’

    It turns out Lady Gaga’s little monsters won’t get to see her hobnob with male models. Well, in her personal life she probably will, but not in the upcoming sequel to Zoolander. Earlier this week, rumors were swirling that the pop star had been offered £3 million to star in the movie.

    Now Ben Stiller is denying those claims, tingeing the clarification with his sarcastic sense of humor. According to NME, the star told his Twitter followers, “Zoolander Lady Gaga story is not true. Weird that OK magazine would print something untrue. Weird to read a made up story on the internet.”

    The sequel is happening without Gaga, however. Last year, Owen Wilson spilled that his character, Hansel, has become disfigured since the first film. Stiller later added that the script (written by Stiller and Justin Theroux) follows the male models 10 years later, and it takes place in Europe. Stiller has also mentioned that Will Ferrell’s character Mugatu is in the script, and Ferrell is interested in participating.

    The original 2001 film, about unintelligent male models, became a pop culture phenomenon that’s still quoted to this day (“What is this? A center for ants?”) The original featured a number of celebrity cameos, and the follow-up will likely feature many more. It’ll be interesting to find out who makes an appearance, although now we can rule out Gaga.