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Ben Stein uses John Lennon, The Killers for Creationist documentary

Why settle for the backing of Jesus when you can acquire the backing of someone bigger than Jesus? Former TV genius and Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein seems to have realized this when acquiring the rights for "Imagine" for his pro-Intelligent Design film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, rights that Yoko Ono was apparently willing to give away. Not to be outdone, The Killers also gave consent to the use of the song "All These Things I've Done," meaning both Lennon and Kurt Cobain can now spin in their respective graves simultaneously! (Actually, both were cremated, but an idiom's an idiom). [Huffington Post via The Daily Swarm

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John Lennon
The Killers
Yoko Ono

the rights were not given. Do you seriously think Yoko Ono would give them the rights for this movie? I mean, come on. Same goes for the Killers. I am a big fan of the band and the moderators on their official message board are saying that the band had absolutely no idea about this movie, let alone that their song would be used in it. Apparently no one asked for permission to use it. The movie has only been shown in private screenings so far so apparently that's why they didn't bother to get rights... I doubt the songs will show up on the final cut or the official release, anyway.


Wait, Ben Stein believes in Intelligent Design?


Danielle, you're absolutely right, the music was not licensed. There will be an update later today.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

This is really sick that people comment about stuff that's wrong and they dont' retract it. Stupid.


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