Ben Gibbard Disses Yankee Stadium And Fans

    What baseball team does Death Cab for Cutie front-man Ben Gibbard root for? Okay, you’re right… who cares! One thing is for sure, though, it isn’t the Yankees. A recent article published in Rolling Stone showcases Mr. Gibbard’s distaste for Yankee Stadium and it’s fans. Here’s the quote:

    PNC Park is by far the most beautiful park in all of baseball. The place feels so intimate and old-fashioned in all the best ways. I love the design of their out-of-town scoreboard. The views of downtown Pittsburgh and the bridges across the Allegheny River at night are spectacular. You can also buy a gigantic bucket of hot wings there that will stop your heart. The new Yankee stadium is by far the worst I’ve been to. It might look like the old one from the outside, but inside it’s more like a gaudy, Long Island shopping mall than a ballpark. A classic example of what happens when people have too much money and very little taste. Plus, it tends to be full of Yankees fans.

    To be fair to Ben, the quote didn’t come out of the blue. The Rolling Stone article where Gibbard was quoted specifically asked some rock stars what their favorite stadiums were. Others included Alice Cooper, Tom Morello,  Scott McCaughey, Greg Dulli and a ton of others.

    We should also cut Ben some slack considering he is now divorced from Zooey Deschanel and likely a Mariners fan considering the hat he is sporting in the article photo. We would be bitter at winners too. [Rolling Stone]