Ben Affleck Keeps It Local With A Whitey Bulger Movie

    If you visit Boston and want to know who the local boys done good are, most people will tell you to look no further than Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. After writing and starring in Good Will Hunting, the two seemed as if they could do no wrong and have made their hometown proud. 

    However, after a while it seemed as if Damon’s star was rising a lot faster than Affleck’s. Flops like Daredevil and Gigli made it appear as if Affleck wasn’t cut out for stardom, but he’s resurrected his career in an interesting way — by directing. 

    Best of all for hometown fans, he seems to still have a warm place in his heart for Massachusetts. He’s directed Gone Baby Gone and The Town, both of which take place in Beantown and pay homage to the Hub of the Universe. 

    According to IndieWire, another project he has in the pipeline will take him back to his local roots after he took a detour into Washington and Iran with this year’s espionage thrilller Argo. He’ll reportedly be working with his brother, Casey Affleck, and old pal Matt Damon to tell the story of infamous Irish gangster Whitey Bulger. The intrigue surrounding Bulger, who operated one of the most vicious gangs in New England and was recently caught by FBI agents in Los Angeles, ensures that Affleck should be a successful director for years to come.