Beirut’s ‘The Rip Tide’ Streaming In Full

    The new Beirut album is titled The Rip Tide, and it will be available in a few weeks time on Pompeii Records. But anyone anxious to hear it ahead of the official street date can head over to NPR now to catch the full record streaming. This album continues Zach Condon’s love of plush string arrangements tied to contemplative ukulele strumming, with plenty of horn parts layered over the top. In other words, it’s pretty much business as usual, which is no bad thing as it’s been close to four years since the release of The Flying Club Cup. “The Rip Tide benefits from a sense of restraint, never veering into self-indulgence or over-instrumentation,” says the NPR blurb with the album. Check it out here for a limited time.