Beirut Pushes Up ‘The Rip Tide’ Digital Release Date

    For Beirut fans, next week is going to be like [insert preferred holiday of choice] in August. Bandleader Zach Condon has chosen to drop the band’s new album, The Rip Tide, on digital outlets next Tuesday. It’s coming four weeks ahead of the physical release, which is still due out at the end of August. Consider this a gift from Condon and company, who perhaps want you to be familiar with their new material when they hit the road. Or, more likely, they just want to avoid any album leaks. Yeah, it’s probably the latter.


    The Rip Tide drops Aug. 2 digitally and hits retail stores Aug. 30. You can stream “East Harlem” below.


    Beirut – East Harlem by Revolver USA