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Beck Reissuing One Foot in the Grave Album

Beck’s precursor to the freak-folk revival of the early 2000s, the classic One Foot in the Grave album, is set to be rereleased on April 14. The album has been out of print for a while and was originally released on K Records. Interscope will be releasing this revamped version of the record, which will include plenty of additional material that didn’t make the original track listing.

It’s odd to hear Beck at this stage of his career, before all the rumblings about Scientology, conflicts with tour mates and a creative slump that has lasted for most of this decade. One Foot in the Grave is one of Beck’s best albums (along with Mellow Gold and Mutations ) and features contributions from K Records figurehead Calvin Johnson, Sam Jayne from Love as Laughter and Scott Plouf from Built to Spill. It’s a relaxed and playful album that raises more than a few smiles; the duet with Johnson, “I Get Lonesome,” is one of the best song’s of Beck’s career.

“I’ve actually been working on this [reissue] for the past two or three years,” Beck told Japanese newspaper Daily Yomiuri . “[On] the original tapes there were an extra maybe 30 songs that weren’t on the record and I picked the best… and added them on there, so it’s got about a little over a dozen extra tracks that no one’s heard before.”[ Rolling Stone ]


Full track listing for One Foot in the Grave :


01 He's A Mighty Good Leader

02 Sleeping Bag

03 I Get Lonesome

04 Burnt Orange Peel

05 Cyanide Breath Mint

06 See Water

07 Ziplock Bag

08 Hollow Log

09 Forcefield

10 Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods

11 Asshole

12 I've Seen The Land Beyond

13 Outcome

14 Girl Dreams

15 Painted Eyelids

16 Atmospheric Conditions

17 It's All In Your Mind

18 Whiskey Can Can

19 Mattress

20 Woe Unto Me

21 Teenage Wastebasket” (Acoustic)

22 Favorite Nerve

23 Piss On The Floor

24 Your Love Is Weird

25 Close to God

26 Sweet Satan

27 Blake Lake Morning

28 Axe Ex

29 Teenage Wastebasket (Electric)
30 One Foot in the Grave

31 Feather in Your Cap

32 I Get Lonesome

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/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

Jason Lee and Beck are the two $cientologists that break my heart... plz leave dudes. I want to like you again. Also Giovani Ribisi.... You've got talent. Plz leave the cult.


It's funny how the western world looks at religion. If it is not Christianity it does not set right with them. Let's start a debate. Let's provide facts back up by history, third party's providing non-bias information about the COS and other religions such as Islamic faith, and URL's to factual information surrounding both negative and positive information surrounding the church.

I would like to start of with asking a question. Is Scientology in fact a religion? Here is a my third party URL that states that yes it is a religion -


Nick, you pegged this correctly. The best of Beck was before his immersion into scientology. Let's hope reissues his life as he reissues this album.
ps: Hey LifeLove, stop distracting from the article.

Mary McConnell

This album is one of the best ever, and nice call specially mentioning "I Get Lonesome." Awesome song. "A*****e" (which is apparently not allowed in the comments on this website) is also really great. Sigh. I wonder if the leftover material is worth buying the album again...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Johnmel/P1270021.jpg Johnmel

I love this album and can't wait to hear the deluxe edition. (And I agree that Scientology is a religion--one that was invented by an insane man out to make a buck.)


Imagine if Christians keep Genesis or The book or Revelation secret, ask govt to pay them instead of prison service to rehab criminals, and try to bring judgment day ASAP for an all Christian world?


Scientology is a vicious brainwashing scam, I'd feel much better if Beck distanced himself from it.

bob dobbs


/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

^^^^@ LifeLove
Why don't you debate yourself, you seem to already be pretty set in your decision. Most people have researched enough info to know FOR THEMSELVES that scientology, which has nothing to do with science, is in fact a shiny expensive CULT. So go masterbate to something else besides your own need to stand on a soap box. This debate is already old, where have you been? Even my grandmother knows about the secret Xenu creation theory on OT3. And at least Christians don't make the Genesis creation story top secret and force you pay out your ass to read it. No, it's free and they'll talk about it all day long. It's fundamental. So the cats out of the bag and scientology's numbers have plumeted since no one wants to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn this crap. No more mystery equals no more "raw meat". Also, on OT8 Hubbard's secret revealed is that you mocked up your own past lives. There, I just saved you a ton of money.
p.s. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Christianity. It doesn't help your arguement being so general and snarky about it. But we all know what Hubbard says abou Jesus, that he's just an implant, so I know where your getting your info from. It just doesn't help your side when your already invalidating people's religion when you want to debate why you think yours is better. It just makes you look like a troll. Oh and btw, Beck lost his touch when he started with that sect and the proof is in his art, or lack thereof.

Do it yourself

Everyone needs to leave the cult of Scientology including Beck. Scientology has done NOTHING but drain their victims fianancially and have an adverse effect on their sparkle and talent.

Anyone defeding Scientology these days on any comment board is of course a Scientologist who bought into the whole "Save the planet" crap.

Tip:You are not saving the planet. Nor are you saving your money. You are going to go all the way up to OTVIII to only find out you mocked up your own past lives?

Well if you are so gullable to buy the Bridge to Total Freedom, then I have a bride to sell you in Brooklyn.
Geez people wake up!

How can you follow a sci fi writer who said "The only way to control people is to lie to them" ?


This LifeLove cat is an obvious $cientology troll. If you try to debate him you will be accused of being a bigot, child molester, or worse. These people do not use reason, they use straw-man arguments to attempt to discredit anyone who sees through their brainwashed ramblings.


decade-long creative slump?

what about guero?


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