Beck Reissuing One Foot in the Grave Album

    Beck’s precursor to the freak-folk revival of the early 2000s, the classic

    One Foot in the Grave

    album, is set to be rereleased on April 14. The album has been out of print for a while and was originally released on K Records. Interscope will be releasing this revamped version of the record, which will include plenty of additional material that didn’t make the original track listing.

    It’s odd to hear Beck at this stage of his career, before all the rumblings about Scientology, conflicts with tour mates and a creative slump that has lasted for most of this decade.

    One Foot in the Grave

    is one of Beck’s best albums (along with

    Mellow Gold



    ) and features contributions from K Records figurehead Calvin Johnson, Sam Jayne from Love as Laughter and Scott Plouf from Built to Spill. It’s a relaxed and playful album that raises more than a few smiles; the duet with Johnson, “I Get Lonesome,” is one of the best song’s of Beck’s career.

    “I’ve actually been working on this [reissue] for the past two or three years,” Beck told Japanese newspaper

    Daily Yomiuri

    . “[On] the original tapes there were an extra maybe 30 songs that weren’t on the record and I picked the best… and added them on there, so it’s got about a little over a dozen extra tracks that no one’s heard before.”[

    Rolling Stone



    Full track listing for

    One Foot in the Grave



    01 He’s A Mighty Good Leader

    02 Sleeping Bag

    03 I Get Lonesome

    04 Burnt Orange Peel

    05 Cyanide Breath Mint

    06 See Water

    07 Ziplock Bag

    08 Hollow Log

    09 Forcefield

    10 Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods

    11 Asshole

    12 I’ve Seen The Land Beyond

    13 Outcome

    14 Girl Dreams

    15 Painted Eyelids

    16 Atmospheric Conditions

    17 It’s All In Your Mind

    18 Whiskey Can Can

    19 Mattress

    20 Woe Unto Me

    21 Teenage Wastebasket” (Acoustic)

    22 Favorite Nerve

    23 Piss On The Floor

    24 Your Love Is Weird

    25 Close to God

    26 Sweet Satan

    27 Blake Lake Morning

    28 Axe Ex

    29 Teenage Wastebasket (Electric)

    30 One Foot in the Grave

    31 Feather in Your Cap

    32 I Get Lonesome