UK cites the suggestive power of stickers, ban Beck’s latest from charts

    You know, we made fun of Morrissey when he decried certain practices regarding UK charts. I for one, approve of most efforts to mock Moz, but perhaps he has a legitimate beef with the way Britain does things.
    The Official Chart Company has ruled that Beck’s The Information should be banned from UK charts because the extras it comes with (stickers allowing folks to make their own customized covers and album art) count as some extra incentive to purchase. I purchased my copy through iTunes and I’m still waiting for the PDF’s of the sticker sheets to come in my e-mail. Hello, Apple?
    Perhaps this is some vast conspiracy from the Beck camp itself to cover up results for what, by some accounts, is a less than stellar outing from Mr. Guero. Whatever the reason, experts agree the stickers are unlikely to keep Beck off of American charts.