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Beck Creates New DJ Series

Beck is in the middle of transforming his website into an online music emporium curated by the man himself. He's already started Record Club, his project to record full-album covers with friends, and is in the middle of releasing the club's first effort, The Velvet Underground & Nico. Now comes Planned Obsolescence, a weekly set DJ'd by Beck or a guest to let visitors to his website hear songs that even he hasn't covered. Or, in the case of "Waiting for the Man" from the first set, songs that Beck has covered.


The first installment is titled "Autobahn Hologram," described as "a laminated miasma colliding on the bavarian trans expressway with american analog and voicemail emeritus... alabama nukes, rhineland jukes, pony tailed arch dukes, and the anatomically correct scapegoat..." Oh, of course, that kind of music. Available streaming now at Beck's website.



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anyone know where i can get a tracklist? some good stuff on this one...


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