Beatles Top List Of Best Selling Vinyl Records

    Soundscan has finally released the numbers for the best selling vinyl albums of 2009, and the results are similar to the CD sales: The Beatles and Michael Jackson dominate the list, as the Beatles moved 34,000 copies of Abbey Road, while Jackson moved 29,800 copies of Thriller. For contrast, Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion, the third best selling vinyl record of the year, moved only 14,000 copies.


    All in all, vinyl record sales had their highest sales tally (2.5 million new albums sold) since Soundscan started taking the numbers in the late ’80s. What else is surprising is that apparently 11,500 Dave Matthews Band fans decided that Dave’s mush-mouthed intonations sound way better on wax. Go here to see the top ten.