Beatles Nearly Omnipresent, Still Looking For a Way Into iTunes

    The Beatles, thanks to The Beatles: Rock Band, the million dollar advertising blitz that goes with it, and the first remastering of their catalog in twenty years, are seemingly unavoidable of late. And if that’s still not enough nostalgia, rumors are afoot that the Fab Four will have their own special around Thanksgiving, with contemporary artists performing Beatles songs and Ringo and Paul possibly showing up to get their old on. The one place that remains a John, Paul, George and Ringo-free zone, however, is Apple’s iTunes. Despite rumors to the contrary, EMI and Apple have yet to finalize a deal to add the Beatles to the music retailer’s collections. If all of those Rock Band commercials get a little too freaky, it’s nice to know there is one respite in the world, even if it is mostly responsible for the death of the album. [Billboard]