Beatles Manager Brian Epstein Gets A Biopic From Tom Hanks

    Musical biopics can be pretty rote. They either deal with the hardships a musician faced throughout her life, or they cover the tragedy of a life and an art cut too short. However, one of the prerequisites for this kind of biopic is that the person in question has to actually be a singer or instrumentalist. The latest entry in that genre features a man who really wasn’t either, which is why it might be the fresh take cinema needs. 

    According to Spin, Tom Hanks is in line to produce a movie about the life of Brian Epstein, often called the Fifth Beatle because of his accomplishments helping John, Paul, George and Ringo discover their sound and ultimately take over the musical world. 

    Epstein’s life is rather interesting, which should make for an engaging film. He was a more-or-less openly gay man in a time when such behavior was frowned upon. What’s more, the success of the Beatles was trying for him as much as it was for the group, and he ended up dead in 1967 from a supposedly accidental overdose of sleeping pills. 

    Best of all? Epstein is to be played by the magnificent Benedict Cumberbatch, of the BBC’s Sherlock and the upcoming Star Trek sequel.