Beastie Boys talk about Paul’s Boutique reissue and new album


    Middle-aged brat rappers the Beastie Boys confirmed a few weeks ago that their seminal sample-fest album from ’89, Paul’s Boutique, is set to be reissued this year. The group has also been talking to MTV about the album, with Adam “MCA” Yauch claiming that the remastering “does have enough bass to shatter your one frozen testicle.”

    Beastie Boys fans who are nursing sore balls after hearing the album can calm themselves by gazing lovingly at the reconfigured artwork, which Mike D says “finally looks proper. After years in the making, on its 20th anniversary, it’s going to finally be correct." It will be interesting to see if this re-release prompts any of the artists sampled on Paul’s Boutique to go after long overdue royalties owed by the Boys, as the album was released before the music industry clamped down on such practices.

    Sadly, there’s not much news on a new Beastie Boys album just yet, with a vaunted May ’09 release date prompting Yauch to say: “I don’t know if you [want to] go down to Vegas and throw down a bet just yet.” In the meantime, fans are invited to leave their e-mail addresses at this website, which will inform them when the Paul’s Boutique reissue will be available. [MTV]