Beastie Boys recording new album

    The Beastie Boys are following up their 2007 instrumental album, The Mix-Up, with one of a different sort. "We’re actually in the middle of recording [the album] right now," Adam Horovitz told Billboard. "We hope to have it out sometime next year. It’s a lot of vocals, a lot of words — very wordy. And it’s political, depending on what you call political. You know, if toilet talk and fart jokes are political, which they can be, in that sense yeah, very."


    Speaking of politics, the group is in the process of getting ready for their "Get Out and Vote 08," which runs Oct. 27 to Nov. 3. The tour was inspired by the fact that 70 million registered to vote in the last presidential election did not turnout on Election Day.


    "Seventy million people is a lot of people to not vote," Horovitz said. "So this all happened really quick, like a month or so ago and within the past few weeks, literally. We were just stressing on what to do and then we were like, ‘We’re a band and we play shows, so let’s go to these swing states.’ We thought it would be a good idea to get people to vote.


    "Basically, we just called a bunch of people and asked them if they wanted to play," Horovitz continued. "It’s literally like, whoever called us back (is on the tour)."


    Other acts on the tour include Santogold, Sheryl Crow, Crosby and Nash (no Stills? no Young?) and Tenacious D. [Billboard]