Info on new Beastie Boys album

    Ye olde interweb has been buzzing today with news on the new Beastie Boys album. Its name is The Mix-Up. You’re looking at the cover right there to the left. And reports have it as an all-instrumental affair. Scheduled release date is June 26. Below is the tracklist. Personal favorite title: “Freaky Hajiki.”
    1. B For My Name
    2. 14th St. Break
    3. Suco De Tangerina
    4. The Gala Event
    5. Electric Worm
    6. Freaky Hijiki
    7. Off The Grid
    8. The Rat Cage
    9. The Melee
    10. Dramastically Different
    11. The Cousin Of Death
    12. The Kangaroo Rat