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Beastie Boys' <i>Ill Communication</i> Reissue Due Out on July 14


Back when the Beasties officially announced the release of their upcoming new album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 1, the group also mentioned that two of their mid-90s albums, Ill Communication (which features "Sabotage") and Hello Nasty, this summer. Well, Ill Communication is due out next week already, and like the similarly huge reissues for Paul's Boutique and Check Your Head, this thing is coming out in a bunch of different iterations and with 12 bonues tracks.


The band's website is taking pre-orders for the different reissue packages (there are four), ranging from a $16.98 digital version to an extremely limited collector's edition (only 1500 copies) that comes on vinyl and will run you $89.98.


The reissue for Hello Nasty is due out on August 25, while Hot Sauce is due on September 15.


Here's the track list:



01 Sure Shot
02 Tough Guy
03 B-Boys Makin' With the Freak Freak
04 Bobo on the Corner
05 Root Down
06 Sabotage
07 Get It Together
08 Sabrosa
09 The Update
10 Futterman's Rule
11 Alright Hear This
13 Eugene's Lament
14 Flute Loop
15 Do It
16 Ricky's Theme
17 Heart Attack Man
18 The Scoop
19 Shambala
20 Bodhisattva Vow
21 Transitions


01 Root Down (Free Zone Mix) (Remixed By the Prunes)
02 Resolution Time
03 Get It Together (Buck-Wild Remix)
04 Dope Little Song
05 Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix) (Remixed by the Prunes)
06 Heart Attack Man (Unplugged) (Previously Unreleased)
07 The Vibes
08 Atwater Basketball Association File No.172-C
09 Heart Attack Man (Live)
10 The Maestro (Live)
11 Mullet Head
12 Sure Shot (European B-Boy Instrumental) (Remixed by the Prunes)


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