Beanie Sigel Facing Possible Jail Time For Tax Evasion

    Another week, another rapper in trouble with the IRS. Last week, it was Soulja Boy, who apparently owes nearly $30,000 in back taxes, and today we have learned that Beanie Sigel is facing possible trouble time for his problems with taxes. According to ABC News, the Broad Street Bully admitted that he failed to pay taxes for the years of 2003 to 2005.

    While a specific amount owed is not clear, ABC News reported that “U.S. prosecutors say [Sigel] owes about $350,000 on $1 million of unreported income.” The rapper’s lawyer, however, is planning to challenge that amount. Along with possibly owing more than a quarter of a million dollars, Sigel faces upwards of three years in jail at his sentencing in November.