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Beanie Sigel disses Kanye, Pharrell

Torn by our love for Beans and our hope that hip-hop might someday be just a little more tolerant of others, we present Beanie Sigel ripping into Kanye and Pharrell. We're not sure how many times you can say "not cool" in one minute, twenty seconds, but Beans is going for the record here. Philly's finest, it would appear, is not on the 'Ye bandwagon, and he is not that impressed with Skateboard P either.
"You're wearing Louis Vuitton driving shoes. Who does that in the hood?"
Our take: It should have been a diss track. Beans is much more eloquent on the mic.
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Beanie Sigel
Kanye West

I don't like all these battle thing. But maybe i'm too oldschool.Regards from Germanyand check out to find the hottest HipHop Honeys, for sure ;-)


I would've been okay with it if he was dissin them for glorifying overpriced stuff to the youth but it seems more like homophobia.

Dave Park

its also funny that he still thinks "the streets" are cool. that shit is just as played as kanye's flamboyant nature.

Adrian Covert

this guy and camron are comedic geniuses


I think he might be dissin Ye and Pharrell cause the street-ish hasn't been selling as well. Even most of Fiddy, T.I. and Jeezy's stuff now isn't as street.

Dave Park

The B.Coming was great. And yeah, I don't think it's the consumerism he's concerned about. That's the part that makes it a little less interesting, but I still like how truly baffled he seems by the whole thing, like he's just genuinely confused by their popularity. Beans knows hard. Beans does not know Louis Vuitton.I still do not know what driving shoes are, exactly.

mk shoes.

Adrian Covert

those are weird looking.


yeah. definitely weird looking.

Dave Park

So I'm getting from this he thinks its not cool....


Kanye: "I am cool!"Beanie: "You are not cool."


A rich successful rapper shouldn't dress like he has money... instead he should dress like he would dress if he was in The Hood. Ya know, so he can impress another rich, successful rapper.Isn't THAT the definition of "trying too hard"?

Joey Headset

IF YOU AINT FROM THE HOOD YOU WOULD NEVER UNDERSTAND.ITS ABOUT BEING A MAN.BEING A MAN.IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?MEN DONT DO THAT GAY ****.LIKE BEANS SAID. YOU MIGHT AS WELL COME ALL THE WAY OUT THE CLOSET.he aint jokin, you dudes are just as soft as pharrell n them. it aint about money or trying to hard. its an upbringing. a life. not a movie.


SEPHPAUL....Kanye and Pharrell aren't from the hood. They produce tracks. What don't they do that's "MAN LIKE"?Because they didn't go to jail they are homos? or is it because they are successful they are homos? or is it because when they go to award shows they dress up like normal people do hen they go to award shows? I dunno what you think makes a man, A MAN, but you need to get that hood mentality checked last time I checked they are hustlers first. They did what they could to get where they are today. Including producing tracks for this dumbass. Beans hustled too, just a different grind. he needs to stop hating.


A rich successful rapper shouldnt dress like blake carrington in dynasty and expect people from where he came to still respect him. Kanye is full of himself anyway. He does it to show off. Pharrell is genuinely a sk8ter type dude at heart. I can tell most of you commenting are white.. and yes.. it is a race thing. white people view issues between black people totally different than black people view black issues. Did anyone think Camron is as dumb as the guy from the CIA who told Bush and congress that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? He was on 60 minutes the following week but that made no press. He's largely responsible for a war... but we worry about rappers saying bitch and hoe. smh.


I'm sorry to tell you Sephpaul everybody isn't from "The Hood". Just because you are from the hood don't make you a man. I've seen plenty of Hood niggas get there ass whipped by common niggas. Then you watch a punk hood nigga go run for there gun and you call that being a man? A 4 year old can pick up a gun and shoot. Does that make him a man too? Ignorance is a disease and its spreading. Beans is ignorant, dont be ignorant to my brother.


Its about time that some1 speaks the truth 4 a change. I totally agree with Beans. Rap has definitley gone south when rappers dress like faggs. I have always had suspicions about Kanye. He definitley seems gay. I saw him once on MTV wearing a small female backpack. This is not cool. Same for Pharrell his skateboard style iz not hip hop. Hip hop is hoodies, white T's and boots not blazers, button downs, and dress shoes. It almost seems like rappers wanna be so different that they will wear anything even if its not masculan. I hope rap gets its style back cauz this shit iz wack, gay, and 2 femanine. Sorry KPhal your ignorant cauz obviously u don't know shit about the hood. If the hood does'nt respect hip hop (clowns like kanye and pharrell) it has no credibility. But I would'nt expect most white people to understand that.


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» Beanie Sigel gets cozy with his pal '' not

Ignorance is a disease and it's spreading.This is directed to all of you who support Beanie's comments.Continuing:Ciz, Kanye and Pharrell are not from the hood. Fuck the hood. The hood is not the definitive source for what is hip-hop and what is not. Attempting to compare Cam'Ron and the CIA informant makes you dumber than Cam'ron; and yes, Cam'ron is dumber than him. You're comparing a person who gave misinformation/false information to the president against a rapper who believes that NOT informing the police when there's a serial killer in the neighborhood is okay. You have no clue what race anyone is on here, so don't guess. It is not a racial issue, it's an intelligence issue. Since you brought up race, I will touch on it for a sec. I'm tired of stupid niggers like Beanie Sigel who make ignorant statements against sucessful black men like Kanye and Pharrell instead of praising them for working hard and being a positive example to younger kids.Sephpaul, you're a fucking idiot. You know nothing about being a man. How you dress has nothing to do with being more manly than someone else, your upbringing, or life.Vic, rap sales have not gone down so dramatically because of their wardrobe. Sales haven't gone down because of piracy. They've gone down because the quality of the music has been watered down. Kanye may seem gay to you or many other people, that doesn't make it fact. Kanye IS hip-hop. Pharrell IS hip-hop. They are not trying to be different, this is what they've always been. Not to call names, but rappers like Fabolous, Dipset, etc should be placed under a microscope if we're gonna talk about people wanting to be different. Hip-Hop is not just the 'Hood Uniform'. Hip-Hop is us. It's a reflection of wherever we're at right now, just like Mos Def said. I'm tired of hearing about Hood clowns critiquing the casual black man's style because it's not what falls under their guidelines as masculine. Especially when alot of these 'Hood N****s' are on the down low themselves. Fuck Hood Credibility. I agree with you on one thing Vic, but I hope Hip-Hop gets more than it's style back, cause people like Beanie are not it.Also: Beanie is high in this clip.-----Chat room geeks critique my b-boy physique. Who the fuck made you hip-hop police. - Common

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