Beady Eye To Work With Dave Sitek On Their Second Album

    Beady Eye, also known as Oasis sans Noel Gallagher, are getting more ambitious on album two, which is best demonstrated in their choice of producers. The band won’t be collaborating with Steve Lillywhite, instead, they’ve enlisted the services of TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek.

    The producer is best known for his work with bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and CSS, along with rappers Wale and Santigold, which alone makes this pairing fascinating. Beady Eye or Oasis for that matter, isn’t exactly known for their progressive sound, instead relying on the foundation laid by classic rock and Britpop.

    The announcement on the band’s website said the band started work with the producer today and their second album will be released in 2013 (via NME) .