Beach House Release New Song: “Myth”

    Beach House gave an interview to NME  [via FACT] this week, in which they talked about the forthcoming Bloom. Alex Scally from the duo thinks the record will be “their own Pet Sounds or Disintegration, not in sound, but as something which feels like a definitive statement.” That’s some lofty company to keep. 

    Beach House gave us a taste of that new record yesterday in the form of the track “Myth,” which was released via the band’s Twitter account. There’s a Cocteau Twins feel to this song, both in the high-pitched vocal and the trebely undertow that drives it, boding extremely well for Bloom when it surfaces.

    Legrand describes the record as being about “death, loss of innocence…as we’ve got older and evolved, it’s normal that there would be darker themes. But there’s lightness. It’s not all dark.” The rumored release date for Bloom is May 15 on Sub Pop. Check out “Myth” below.