Beach House May Take Legal Action Against Volkswagen Over Soundalike Ad Controversy

    Back in May, Volkswagen ran an ad that clearly ripped off Beach House’s song, “Take Care.” After news of the soundalike swarmed the blogosphere, the band made a statement saying that the car company’s ad agency, DDB, had inquired about using the track, to which the duo politely declined. And then the agency inquired again…five more times.

    Volkswagen told The Wall Street Journal that it did not copy Beach House’s song, but was simply looking for a “dream pop” sound and had considered “dozens” of existing songs and reached out to “several” bands before settling on creating the track itself. 

    “We greatly respect the talent of Beach House and never set out to replicate a specific song of theirs or anyone else’s. Most important to us was to find a track which matched the narrative of the advert, telling the story of the daughter’s growing up and the evolving relationship with her father, and we believe we have achieved this in the final edits,” VW said to The Wall Street Journal

    Beach House responded to the statement by tweeting “VW cop out big time.” According to The Wall Street Journal, the dream pop outfit may take legal action, although it is concerned about legal costs. Do I smell a new Kickstarter campaign cookin’?