Beach Boys Get Vegas Musical

    Next time you’re in Vegas and you see a lot more bushy, bushy blonde hair-dos and huarache sandals, too, it’s because the Beach Boys are in town. Not the actual band members per se, but certainly their music in the new show “Surf The Musical.”

    Yahoo News reports that the show begins previews this Friday at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino before opening July 17. Producer J. Burton Gold, a lifelong Beach Boys fan, secured rights to the music and brought in “Rock of Ages” director Kristin Hanggi to helm.

    The plot is classically “small-kid-in-big city”: a surfer (of course) leaves the beach for the bright lights, only to become disillusioned and find his way back home again, all set to the sound of early Beach Boys hits like “Surfin’ USA.” 

    “Surf The Musical” is the first adaptation since 2005’s critically-savaged Broadway bomb “Good Vibrations.” Meanwhile, the actual group continues to tour the world in support of their 50th anniversary and their new hit album That’s Why God Made The Radio.