Be Your Own Pet pulls out of Warped Tour, McCarren Pool gig

    Fresh off the release of their already notorious Get Damaged EP, Be Your Own Pet, a band who never really liked the idea of the Warped Tour to begin with, cancelled a month’s worth of appearances on said tour due to exhaustion. On the band’s website yesterday, the band posted the following message:

    "We regret to inform our fans that we will not be participating in this year’s Warped Tour. We have been going non-stop for the past 6 months and didn’t realize how much the intense schedule would take out of us. Something had to give and sadly it’s this tour." 

    But contrary to Pitchfork’s speculation that it was their hatred of the tour that caused the problem, exhaustion really was the issue. The band also cancelled it’s gig with The Black Keys at the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn and in Norfolk, VA, leaving only dates at the Reading Festival and the Leeds Festival in late August on their upcoming tour schedule.


    It’s quite possible that BYOP could hate hipsters just as much as they hate 16-year-old poseur punks, but wouldn’t be as easy an explanation for Pitchfork to break to the site’s core demographic. Me, I’m sticking with the exhaustion argument.